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Most Obeyed Laws in Tampa

There are a ton of great laws in Tampa, some of the best ones are followed by a majority of the population because they are just that good. So today, we are counting down the best, most obeyed laws in Tampa.

5. Using a Turn Signal

Some might have you believe that this is the most disobeyed law.  But when you factor in the number of people who do use their turn signals, this actually becomes the most obeyed law by the sheer amount of times that a turn signal is used in traffic.  It just looks like no one uses a turn signal in Tampa because we notice when people don’t, because it is so obeyed by everyone else.

4. Slowing Down for Emergency Vehicles

When an emergency vehicle needs to get through during rush hour, the city of Tampa comes together as one cohesive brain unit. Everyone on the road instinctively moves out of the way to let the emergency vehicle through. And when the emergency vehicle passes, everything goes back to normal like nothing ever happened.

3. Moving over for stopped vehicles

This law is easy to follow, whenever you see a stopped vehicle on the side of the road, giving them a little bit of room so that they don’t die on the highway is the least we can do.  There are no aggressive drivers ignoring them and speeding by here. 

2. Incest

Some states are known for their incest, and while Florida in general might have some people committing that crime, Tampa is generally incest free.  You really only see it online, and a lot of times those people are actors. I know because I see them in other videos, so there is no way they are related to that many people with the same job. 

1. Cannibalism

Eating people is illegal, and in Tampa, our cannibalism crimes are very low.  Because of this, we must deduce that people not committing cannibalism is the most obeyed law in Tampa.

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