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Punxsutawney Phil Challenges Easter Bunny After Orlando Fight Video goes Viral

Bear Creek Mountain Resort – Jefferson County, PA – Thursday, 4.25.2019

In an early press conference outside his home in Pennsylvania Thursday morning, Punxsutawney Phil officially challenged the champion, The Easter Bunny, hailing from Florida for the Holiday Rodent World Heavyweight Title.

“Everyday since I can remember I’ve repeated the same tight schedule. Alarm goes off, wake up, check my doorstep, then 2 hours of shadowboxing like clockwork,” claimed Phil, citing a consistent daily routine as the key to his success.

After first declining to comment, the rabbit who has never been down for more than a 3 count, fired back at the challenger, promising to, “Beat him back down into his hole,” and even risk disqualification by, “hitting, him where the sun don’t shine.” In spite of the crowd trying to egg him on, he refused to comment further and hopped back to his Orlando home with his family of 47.

As of now, the odds in Vegas put Phil as the underdog, or should we say ‘underhog’, because of his significant height disadvantage. When confronted with these numbers, the Punxsutawney native revealed some wisdom gained from another famous Pennsylvania boxing legend: Rocky, played by Sylvester Stallone who was shorter than most of the actors who played his antagonists on the big screen. After studying these films, Phil confidently boasted, “I won’t make the same mistakes.”

As of now, the promoters and rodent boxing commission haven’t settled on a venue or date, but both agree that it will happen on a Friday sometime after both contender’s holidays have passed, ensuring not just a good, but a Great Friday Night Fight.