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Rick Scott Accused of Crop Dusting Elementary School Classroom

Rick Scott Accused of Crop Dusting Elementary School Classroom

Bay County Elementary School – Bay County – Thursday, 5.9.2019

Mrs. Ellison’s first grade class at Bay County Elementary School received a surprise visit from Florida Senator, Rick Scott, who stopped in for a brief photo-op book reading with the children.

After reading a few chapters from Judith Krantz’s 1990 novel, Dazzle, Scott got up and released one of the loudest farts Mrs. Ellison’s had ever heard.

“I teach first grade here, so I hear them all the time,” said Mrs. Ellison. “But something about the way Scott laughed and ran through the classroom to spread it around bothered me.”

Senator Scott, who made his money through Medicaid fraud, denies crop dusting the classroom. “When I went in there to read the beautiful Judith Krantz novel, Dazzle, it already smelled.”

Scott, who also invested in Maduro-friendly companies in Venezuela and supported shipping firms with ties to Russia’s Vladamir Putin, concluded his photo-op by calling out Venezuela’s leader and challenging him to a wrestling match on a yacht.

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