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Busch Gardens to allow CBD, Bongs and other Drug Paraphernalia

Busch Gardens to allow CBD and other Drugs, paraphernalia

Busch Gardens – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 5.9.2019

To capitalize on the old woman being arrested at Disney for carrying CBD oil for her arthritis, Busch Gardens has announced it will allow all forms of CBD in the park.

Along with the new rules, guests will be permitted to bring any ‘bongs’ or ‘drug paraphernalia’ as long as they promise to share with staff if they ask.

“I do the same tasks for hours and it gets mentally exhausting,” said Gwazi Gliders operator Stefan Morales. “If only someone would come and get me high it would make working hourly at this place worth it.”

The new rules are effective immediately, although security at the park was told to confiscate any drugs and remove anyone from the park attempting to get high in a way that doesn’t include going on Falcon’s Fury.

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