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Rick Scott Calls Out President Donald Trump in new Attack Ad

Rick Scott behind a dumpster eating out a used fleshlight

Florida Senator Rick Scott released an attack ad recently where he claimed he was being held hostage by the current impeacent proceedings.

The video he released poked fun at hostage situations where victims only receive milk and water as their main source of nutrients, two things the Senator has never consumed in his life. 

Tampa News Force was easily able to change the messaging around to attack Donald Trump, something Rick Scott is too scared to do. 

The video was spammed around Twitter and confused some of Trumps supporters who retweeted it without even noticing that the video was clearly tampered with.

When some of the more vigilant supporters noticed what was going on, they called out the inconsistencies in the video, like that the Senators mouth didn’t move when he said the President’s name.  

No word yet on when Senator Scott will release another video, but someone should let him know we are ready to edit more.