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Rick Scott criticized after photos surface of him wearing gay face

rick Scott with young boy

With the political climate being what it is, a sure fire way to find yourself in a scandal is to have old footage resurface showing insensitive or inappropriate behavior. That is exactly the situation Sen. Rick Scott has found himself in after old photos have been brought to light. The photos in question show the then governor apparently mocking homosexuals with what has come to be known as “gay face.”

Scott hasn’t had the strongest history of supporting gay rights. In 2010 he supported am amendment to prevent same sex marriage, and in 2014 he went on the record as supporting traditional marriage. It should come as no surprise then that in 2012 he was photographed looking especially flamboyant, in an apparent attempt to mock gay culture. 

Scott could not be reached for comment, but supporters have come to his defense.

Tampa native Barry Richards stated, “That’s just what his face looks like.” His wife Susan Richards added, “Seriously, that’s just a regular picture of Rick Scott.”

Pasco resident, Leonard “Lenny” Haynes stated, “Good on him! It’s about time someone stood up to those people.”

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