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Secret Code Words That Force Tampa Cops to Release You

5. Is your camera on?

Cops hate it when you ask the first question, so before they can say anything to you, ask if their camera is on and recording. When they hear this simple question, they will know that you are a citizen who knows their rights and they will let you go immediately. 

4. I’m the Police Chief In Tampa

If you’re the Police Chief in Tampa, this would be a pretty good time to tell the officer who just pulled you over.

3. I’m doing good.

Hell yeah, you’re doing good! You’re about to get out of this thing. Let the cop know that you are in good spirits and have no fear about getting arrested or ticketed. 

2. I’m hoping that you will just let us go tonight.

Tell the cop how to do his job, you’re the police chief for a different county so they have to let you go.

1. Yeah, I’m sure I do.

At this point, the cop is starting to recognize who you are. You are an important person. You’re above the law. You have won at life.  Cops can’t touch you. Laws don’t exist. If anyone wants to mess with you, guess what? They Can’t. Do you know why? You’re the God Damn Chief of the Tampa Police Department, the best police department in the entire state of Florida.  Police can’t touch you.  You tell the police who to touch, and tonight, it’s not going to be you.

Josh Santos

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