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Skydiving’s Biggest Downfall, Solved By App


Skydiving has been an elitist sport for many years, but a brand new social app is set to tear down those walls and transition us into an era of skydiving in the mainstream. That’s right, this small yet feisty group of developers and engineers have cracked the code to Big Skydiving’s biggest roadblock.

Anyone who has been in the skydiving game long enough is well aware of the most looming barrier to entry when it comes to the extreme sport of hurtling through the sky. Tandem jumps. All newbie jumpers face the fact that a stranger will be strapped to you with their frontside pressed firmly against your backside. “The forced intimacy of the tandem jump is what keeps so many potential enthusiasts at bay,” says the lead developer on the project.

The answers to our skydiving prayers have been answered through the brand new app, Little Spoon. It gives you the chance to peruse potential partners for your tandem jump and get to know them casually before deciding to share your first time with them. Little Spoon gives you the option to swipe right when a big spoon feels just right.

The app’s beta-testers have these thoughts to share:

“My first tandem partner was Justin. Justin had a big beard that tickled my neck. Now I have choices. Bye bye Justin!”

Antonio B.

“Little Spoon gave me the freedom to pick a jumper based on emotional compatibility and a shared love of dogs”

Susan R.

“After nearly 70 tandem jumps, we’re in love! Thanks Little Spoon!”

Garrett W.

“I’m just looking for any physical connection”

Benjamin D.

The CEO of Little Spoon Inc. has issued this statement about the app’s features: “Little Spoon is free for anyone looking to make their tandem connection. Now, after extensive market testing, we are fully aware that this app will mainly be used for hookups. These users will be charged on a sliding scale based on their user rating within the app.”

Little Spoon is set to launch this spring and is expected to attract hordes of new bright-eyed and bushy-tailed jumpers who will take to the skies securely strapped to and embraced with confidence by the tandem partner they deserve.

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