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St. Pete’s parents actually rich

Rich in St Pete

The city of St. Pete, known for its’ art and cultured lifestyle, accidentally revealed during a party, that its’ parents were rich.

“What?” Said Largo who was also at the party.

“My parents are lawyers, and the house I live in was given to me by my grandparents when I was 16.” St. Pete explained.

“Are you serious?” Said Clearwater?

“Yea, you think I could afford this place just off my watercolor commissions?” St. Pete drunkenly snapped back.

Upon word of the truth getting out, St. Pete’s friends were immediately taken aback.

“I mean, I’m still going to be St. Pete’s friend, but I just feel like I’ve been kind of lied to based off their style and the way they carried themself, I just kind of figured they were a bar-back or muralist on the side, I really didn’t think they were living off a trust fund that their grandparents gifted them when they were young.” Said Palm Harbor.

“It just seems like St. Pete would have mentioned that they had wealthy parents earlier, but I guess that’s not really something people talk about, and I guess you wouldn’t assume someone has wealthy parents, I don’t know, it just feels like I was passively lied to, and St. Pete has been living a secret life that none of us knew about.” Said Hyde Park.

St. Pete has been trying to calm everyone down saying, “I didn’t think there was a reason to ever mention that my parents were rich. It’s a personal thing, and there’s no reason I should feel the need to disclose that to anyone or share that information if I’m not comfortable. I just got drunk and let it out I guess, I don’t know.”

As for whether or not everyone will view and treat St. Pete the same is undetermined. The upcoming weeks will reveal if people can still accept St. Pete for who they are, or if any old friends try to borrow money or ask for favors, now knowing St. Pete’s financial situation.

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