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4 white guys solve racism

Solving Racism

Terry Galway, Evan Mephisto, Kreeger Brunswick, and Terry Galway Jr. have solved racism after talking about it for a little while in the clubhouse of Alabaster Pass Golf Club in Pasadena, Wisconsin. “If everyone just dates interracially, then within 1 generation, every child will be mixed.” Said Galway Jr. confidently, with one hand on the…

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Leader of ISIS cancelled for racist tweet

Tara Rist

The current leader of the Islamic terrorist organization, ISIS, Tara Rist is under fire after a past Tweet resurfaced in which the figurehead was bashing the Swedish community. “The Swedes are anything but Sweet.” The Tweet read. “If it were up to me, they would all drown with those damn gummy fish they created.” When…

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