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People forced to confront issues during epidemic

Is COVID-19 Bringing the best out of you?

Local psychologists, who have congregated through social media and compared notes from current patients, have discovered that the epidemic is actually forcing people to deal with their issues now that they have no distractions from the outside world. “It’s just me with my family.” Said Kyle Loggler via Google Hangout. “When you’re not being influenced…

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COVID-19 cure found in microwaved urine

Cure for COVID-19 Found in urine

Langsley Newton of Deltona Lakes, Florida has discovered that after a diet of microwaved urine for two weeks, ze is no longer infected with the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Doctors attribute the desecration of the disease to the fact that Newton’s body was under extreme stress and panic which caused a mass exodus of toxins from zirs…

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