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St. Pete man disappointed with Tinder date

Tinder disappointment

Gregg Glizistky of St. Petersburg feels like he’s been deceived by a woman he matched with on the popular dating app, Tinder. “All these profiles are basically the same”, he said. “They say, ‘Hi, I like to go out to eat, enjoy live music, working out, watching sports and leisure activities and dogs and art.…

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St. Pete man accidentally forms anti-government hate group

Steve Jaundiston of St. Petersburg has unintentionally formed a radical on-line organization with roots in white supremacy and a stated purpose of overthrowing the United States government. “Huh?”, he says. “I did?” “Hell yeah he did!”, says one devoted follower, commenting anonymously. “We Dem Yella Fellaz! And we’re going to change the world!” Jaundiston recently…

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