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Quiz: What should you do for Gasparilla?


After a brief hiatus due to COVID, Gasparilla is back! On Saturday, January 29th, just less than two weeks from now, a huge crowd will gather along Bayshore Boulevard as bead-throwing, rum-swigging pirates invade Tampa. Now is the time to start making your plans and the first thing you need to do is decide if…

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Special Gasparilla event scheduled

Inspired by New Orleans residents who have taken to decorating their homes like parade floats since traditional annual Mardi Gras festivities aren’t taking place, the City of Tampa is creating a special event to fill the void created by the postponement of Gasparilla. “Let’s face it; Gasparilla holds a special place in so many people’s…

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Pirates angry over Gasparilla appropriation

Upset Pirate

A group of Gulf Coast pirates have officially filed a complaint with the state department over claims that Gasparilla is offensive to native pirate culture and the Tampa holiday is exploitative and appropriating their culture. “First of all, beads have nothing to do with Pirates,” said Long John Turquoise, a pirate attached to the class…

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