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Cops find middle-aged white man so unhinged that he can’t have guns

Clearwater Man

Last Wednesday, Clearwater Police Department and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office seized the guns of David Berry, who was seen on video being aggressive toward landscapers Jeremy Lee and his daughter while holding an AR-9 rifle earlier this month. On July 7, Berry confronted Mr. Lee and his daughter while they were trying to mow a…

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Lawnmower races at Curtis Hixon end in fines for the city

Lawnmower Races in Downtown Tampa

A series of lawnmower races at Curtis Hixon Park ended in major fines for the city, as damage done from the lawnmowers is estimated to cost tax payers upwards of $600,000. Clive Bernard, the organizer of the “Rough N’ Tumble Lawnmower Races Derby,” claimed that it was the cities fault for not adequately preparing the…

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