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Pinellas County launches anti-profanity initiative

Pinellas County No more curse words initiative

In an effort to promote civility and decorum, Pinellas County government leaders have launched a new anti-profanity initiative. “It seems like we’re seeing folks directing more hostility and anger towards one another than ever before and we want to try to address that on a local level,” says county commissioner Pamela Rarebit. “I mean, we…

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Pinellas Tennis courts lose liquor license

Pinellas County Tennis Court Loses Liquor License

The combination micro brewery/tennis complex, “Pete’s Tennis Lounge” in west Pinellas county, has lost its liquor license after numerous instances of the establishment being caught selling alcohol to minors. The venue which has only been open for two months, has been the cause of ongoing controversy, as it’s the first local tennis court/full-liquor bar, drawing…

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