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Taylor Swift cancels Saturday night’s show

“This bores me,” announced pop superstar Taylor Swift during Friday night’s show at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. “Screw it. I’m not performing tomorrow.” The sudden surprise edict came near the end of the second of three scheduled, sold out concerts. Thursday’s show happened without incident. “What am I even doing this for? My own…

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REPORT: City’s efforts to fend off Taylor Swift have failed

Giant Taylor

Tampa City Emergency Officials have announced that in spite of their best efforts that they have been unable to contain Taylor Swift and that citizens should take necessary steps to save themselves because the city is in imminent danger. “We thought that we had her contained within Raymond James Stadium, the area’s biggest – and…

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Vipers caught playing football in Raymond James

Viper Night

The Tampa Bay Vipers, a currently retired XFL team, were caught playing a game of football in their old home location of Raymond James Stadium at 3 am this morning, when a security guard on his rounds stumbled upon the event. “They were all up and playing a full-on game of football with each other…

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