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Rick Scott dismisses Tampa Bay pharmacy scammers as “amateurs”

Rick Scott and his disciples

Five Tampa Bay men have pled guilty in what federal prosecutors are calling the biggest healthcare fraud case in history. Court records show that Larry Everett Smith, Scott Roix, Mihir Taneja, Maikel Bolos and Arun Kapoor submitted $931,356, 936 in bogus prescription bills to giant pharmacies including, CVS Caremark, Optum and others with help from…

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Rick Scott Finds Happiness Outside of Wealth

Rick Scott finds happiness outside of money

Rick Scott Tampa Office – Hillsborough County – Friday, 7.26.19 After a recent hard knock to the head, Senator Rick Scott has decided there is more to life than having immeasurable wealth. “I found happiness through defrauding taxpayers with a Medicaid scam that made me a millionaire,” said Scott who used his fraud money to…

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