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Russian propaganda spotted in Tampa Heights

Russian Propaganda

A billboard in Russian has appeared on Tampa Street in Tampa Heights, just south of the intersection with Emily Avenue, heightening fears that the Russians are planning to invade Tampa and may already have operatives embedded in the area. “It appears to be a recruiting poster,” said resident Claymatia Pierce. “It probably says something like,…

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Russian Hackers Lose Cyberwar with Tampa Teen

Tampa Teen takes down Russian Hackers

Carrolwood Apartments – Hillsborough County – Friday, 5.31.2019 A Tampa teen is being hailed as a hero for thwarting Russian hacking attempts today. “I was doing one of my regular local government site checks and saw a group of Russian hackers cybering on an open port,” said 16-year-old hacker Mikey “SweetWhips69” Paulo. “It was my…

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