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What scam should you fall for?


My dad used to tell me that truly innocent people can’t get scammed, because people who get scammed are trying to take advantage of a situation or skip necessary steps in a process or otherwise trying to get something for nothing, something they haven’t earned or don’t deserve. I can see his point and there’s…

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Tampa News Force to launch journalism program at Bishop Sycamore High School

Venerable media outlet and bastion of journalistic integrity Tampa News Force (TNF) has announced the sponsorship of a new journalism program at prestigious Bishop Sycamore High School in Columbus, Ohio. Ricky ‘Rick’ Kwotemark, TNF Director of Educational Outreach said, “It is truly an honor and a privilege to partner with a legitimate academic institution and…

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Gulfport lady cherishes new e-friend

Sweet Old Lady

Diane Wooster of Gulfport has made a new friend via an email she received from the internet. “I had never even met but they contacted me completely out of the blue and offered me a chance to win a $500 gift card”, she said. “Isn’t that just the nicest thing you’ve ever heard of?”…

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