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What scam should you fall for?


My dad used to tell me that truly innocent people can’t get scammed, because people who get scammed are trying to take advantage of a situation or skip necessary steps in a process or otherwise trying to get something for nothing, something they haven’t earned or don’t deserve.

I can see his point and there’s probably still truth to that but I don’t think it’s universally valid. I think it’s entirely possible for someone who is just trying to get something done, following what they believe to be a completely legitimate process, to get ripped off. Especially these days.

So that means we’re all susceptible to getting scammed. Some more than others, sure, but ultimately we’re all at least somewhat vulnerable.

With that being the case, all that we can do is try to determine which scam suits us best as individuals. So take our handy quiz to find out what that is for you!

PS: It’s a one-time fee of $19.95 to take it; just leave your credit card number, with expiration date and CVV, in the comments below and we’ll take care of that for you (NO SERVICE CHARGE!) Thanks!

What scam should you fall for?

Clark Brooks

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