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Ybor shoe licker exclusively switches to gloves


During a crowded gathering in front of New York New York Pizza; Jaime Redacted, also known most commonly as ‘The Shoe Licker’ or ‘Ybor Shoe Licker’, approached the crowd of bar goers and general citizens of the Ybor Strip; standing on a table stating “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I have gathered all you all…

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Ybor Brewing releases limited “Shoe Licker IPA”

Ybor Brewing – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 2.21.2019 Ybor Brewing has announced an official release date for its much anticipated “Shoe Licker IPA,” an homage to the infamous Ybor “Shoe Licker.” “It was a long time coming,” said Seth Spltiner, brew-master over at Ybor Brewing. “We all know who he is, we’ve seen him for…

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