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These Tampa artists have exploded!

Tampa Artist about to Blow Up

Tampa is full of talent and recently these local favorites have exploded: 1. Jon Ditty Ditty was performing a mixed-media set with fellow award-winning talent Stick Martin at Kongos Buddha Brew in Dunedin, when a Diet Coke was spilled onto the wiring of their looper pedal, when a sudden electric surge from the outlet blew…

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Tampa Art Museum to Begin Gay Prostitute Night

Gay Prostitute night at the Tampa Musuem

Tampa Museum of Art – Hillsborough County – Wednesday, 5.29.19 The Tampa Art Museum located in Downtown Tampa will now be featuring “Gay Prostitute Night” which is being listed as an event, however it’s also listed as an art piece, leaving museum goers confused. The official email released to Tampa Art Museum subscribers stated, “As…

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