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DeSantis visits local Thigh restaurant

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited Tampa yesterday for the express purpose of dining at Si-Am Thaimerican Restaurant on Franklin Street downtown. “Man, do I love some good Thigh food. The authentic stuff, like the Thigh people make in Thighland. Pad Thigh is probably my favorite. I also like Thigh Spring Rolls, Thigh Salad, Thigh-style Chicken…

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Thai Temple holds Mortal Kombat style tournament

Mortal Kombat Style tournament takes place at Thai Temple in Tampa

Wat Thai Temple – Hillsborough County – Monday, 6.17.19 In an event that was closed to the public, the Thai Temple of Tampa held a Mortal Kombat style martial arts tournament last weekend, and based on reviews from guests who got the invite, it was quite a sight to behold. “It was absolutely amazing,” said…

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