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Ybor City to Become 55+ Only Community

Ybor 55

After the passage of a recent noise ordinance, Ybor City Historic Neighborhood Society announced it will begin requiring age verification to enter any business establishment in the district. “We are catering to the folks with money,” said YCHNS President Howard Milonaise. “I moved to this neighborhood five years ago and I love the culture, but…

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How to Get Hot Chicks in Tampa to Notice You

Hot Chicks in Tampa and How to Like Them

5. Wear a Funny T-Shirt Our ‘Welcome to Grampa Bay shirt’ is the coolest thing you can wear in front of ladies.  It will impress them with your epic taste, and it will let them know that you have a great sense of humor. 4. Work Out Studies show that if you look healthy, more…

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