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Tampa Area Strippers Concerned About Corona Virus

Sexy Gas Mask

By Corey Allman, special report filed to Tampa News Force

If there is one thing we know about paper money, it is that it is disgusting. It’s porous quality allows it to pick up an untold number of germs. Some studies show that a single bill can contain up to 3,000 bacteria.

This has Tampa area exotic dancers second guessing where and how they get tipped.

We spoke to one area exotic dancer about the possible outbreak. “Sarge” is a veteran on the scene and her career dates back to when hair bands were relevant. “We used to pick up singles with our butt cracks without a second thought. Now, we worry where it has been”.

Sarge’s new found concerns are warranted. The virus affects older people at a greater rate.

“Listen honey, I have lived through them all. From Ebola and Bird Flu to Swine Flu and the Zika virus. I am 12 for 12 on these pandemics but I am afraid my luck is running out”. She did admit to contracting a slight case of scurvy after a crazy weekend during the 2012 Gasparilla Parade but that was more than likely just an STD.

Many dancers have added rubber gloves and travel hand sanitizers to their Crown Royal bags. Some clubs have installed UV lights at the ATM kiosk.

And there are precautions that we can all take as well to ensure the health of our dancer population.

  2. Spray your tippin’ money down with Lysol before you get to the club.
  3. Put a extra napkin across your lap during table dances just to be safe.
  4. Never put the tip between your teeth and expect them to grab it between their breasts.

We owe it to these hard working ladies to keep them safe.
Have fun and always make it rain responsibly!