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Tampa Business Owner Digs Through Garage for Old Rays Memorabilia

Tampa Business Owner Finds Old Rays Sweatshirt

In an attempt to congratulate the Tampa Bay Rays on their playoff achievement, local business owner Manny Plaqueiao spent much of his weekend digging through his garage looking for his old Rays memorabilia to hang up around his place of business.

“I went to one game this year when they had the $2 tickets,” said Plaqueiao, owner of Tampa Teeth Emporium, a massive warehouse that specializes in toothbrushes and other dental care goods. “I think I liked what I saw? Personally I don’t think I’ve ever made it through a whole Rays game, but if I can talk about it with my customers, then hell yeah let’s go Rays!”

Plaqueiao was sure he had a much bigger Rays flag he could hang up to show his customers that he cares about local sports, but all he could find was some small pennants with the old Devil Rays logo.

“It’s okay that it’s the old logo, it shows people I’ve been a fan for many ages,” Plaqueiao averages nearly a dozen customers a day, many he says walk in wearing some type of Tampa sports team related piece of clothing.

“Last week we had someone walk wearing a Rays shirt and asked us how we were supporting them,” said Plaqueiao, “I knew I shouldn’t have burned all my Rays gear when they said they would be splitting their time between here and Montreal.”

From now until the Rays are eliminated from the World Series, or win the whole thing, customers wearing any type of Rays gear will receive 10% off their visit to Tampa Teeth Emporium.

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