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Tampa Couple Shocked to Discover Their New Security Camera Has Been Broadcasting to PornHub

Porn Hub Security Camera

A Tampa couple is suing a popular security camera maker after discovering that their newly installed camera system had been broadcasting to the popular porn streaming website, PornHub.

“I bought my wife this security camera to prove to her that I wasn’t wearing and stretching out her yoga pants while she was at work,” said Neemo Ashonto.   “She would also blame me for her missing socks and I got tired of having to defend myself.”

Ashonto purchased the camera system second hand from the Facebook Marketplace. 

“I was on a budget this year and I had already bought my wife a Peleton,” Ashonto said.  “When I was setting up the security camera it asked me if I wanted to show ads to make some revenue off the security camera stream, I clicked yes without even thinking about it.”

The security system had been previously hacked for 24/7 streaming to the popular porn streaming website without Ashonto’s knowledge. 

“The guy who sold me the camera said I’d be able to get a couple bucks back by just setting it on and forgetting it,” Ashonto said before breaking down and beginning to cry. “He didn’t mention it was a fake security camera used to make voyeur porn.”

After streaming non-stop for almost a week, Ashonto discovered the stream while browsing PornHub during his spare time.

“I was in my room while the wife was at work, I was about to rub one out when I noticed the title ‘Hot Young Couple’s Bedroom Camera’ and I got intrigued,” he said while fighting back tears.  “Next thing I know I’m looking at myself, with my pants down in front of my own computer in my bedroom.”

Ashonto says he got up and immediately destroyed the security camera system, but when he left the house to take everything to the dump, he returned to find that his home had been ransacked.

“Apparently I wasn’t the only one watching the stream of myself that day,” Ashonto said while giving us a tour of his now barren and vandalized home. “Those horny men or women who were watching must have gotten mad when I destroyed the camera and they came to the house for revenge.”

Police are urging citizens to use caution when installing security cameras in their homes for fear that they may be broadcasting to places they don’t know about. 

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