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Tampa Man Tapes a Piece of Ham to his Face and Calls it a Mask

Board’s Head has an entirely new niche market. Noah Brunsworth, a resident of of North Tampa, kicked off the latest COVID trend of wearing deli meat as a protective face covering. 

“I just go to the Publix meat counter and ask for a pound of sliced ham. I either cut two little holes in each side and tie it with a string around my face, or I just grab some duct tape and tape it right over mouth and nose. So simple!”

Brunsworth believes that sliced ham is the future of Personal Protective Equipment. He cites several benefits, including sustainability and enhanced protection from COVID particles. Brunsworth says to get the full benefit you need to ask for thick sliced meat. Though the preservatives and fillers do a good job, regardless, of keeping the virus particles contained. 

“It’s super sustainable because at the end of the day, I can just eat the ham… as opposed to having to throw it away like a regular disposable mask.”

Check your local deli to see when ham is in stock at a grocery near you.

Shellie H

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