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Tampa News Force Acknowledges Existence of Other Tampa Bay Area Satire Site

Tampa News Force (TNF), heretofore Tampa Bay’s first and only source of parody and satirical content, has announced that they acknowledge the existence of The Serving Times, another media outlet in the Tampa Bay region that produces parody and satire.

“That’s right. For years, we were the first and only,” said Dr. Susan Swiftschwanz, a member of the TNF research unit, while displaying the graphic accompanying this article which for some reason shows a far more diverse group of people than what actually comprises the organization. “Now we’re only the first.”

When asked if TNF feels in any way threatened by the existence of The Serving Times, she replied, “Of course not! Quite the opposite, in fact; we’re thrilled! The fact that ‘We Are Not Alone’ means there could be others. This significant development could very well herald the dawning of a veritable multiverse of creative comedic literacy springing from the seemingly unlikely source of the Tampa Bay Area!”

“Nahhh,” she added.


  1. Avatar Duchess on February 17, 2024 at 8:39 pm

    Gimme all the funnies!