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Tampa News Force Favorites: Top 5 Gas Stations in Tampa

Best Gas Stations in the Tampa Bay Area

With award season upon us, Tampa News Force will be sharing their favorite things in the Tampa Bay area. Gas Stations in Florida are some of the greatest in the USA. Along with ability to buy alcohol, some of our favorite gas stations do more than just provide gas. The following are our Tampa News Force Favorites:

1. Any Wawa

Any Wawa

If you’re lookin to fill ‘er up, Wawa is the perfect place! Load up your gas tank and your stomach tank with the wonderful meal deals over at the reliable Wawa franchise chain! Look no further than most cross-roads in the Tampa area, to find those beautiful flocking red ducks, flying over the mighty Wawa logo, and you will find affordable gas, and packs of snacks to make you smile all the way to your destination. You won’t find another place like Wawa, because it carries that north-western style homely charm that makes it unique and stand out amongst a field of money-hungry, greedy, oil-rats.

2. Marathon on Howard & Kennedy

Marathon Howard and Kennedy

Come for the gasoline, stay for the snacks! This bad boy’s got a Subway Sandwich shop inside, attached to the interior of the convenient store portion of the foyer, so you can fill up your car while you fill up your tummy with some of those sweet $5 foot-long deals and combos that are out of this world! Also, they seem to have a surplus of Body Armor, the sports drink that Kobe Bryant invested in, so if you want numerous containers of a liquid that former NBA player Kobe Bryant has influenced, then this is the place for you! Also, you can walk to the Kennedy across the street! That’s a night club! I saw Michael Jordan there one time, and Chris Tucker! Seriously! It was Derek Jeter’s birthday! He let college kids hang out with him! What a savage!

3. Metro Market on Kennedy & South Boulevard

Metro Market Gas Station on Kennedy BLVD that serves fried chicken
Metro Market

Do you want to feast on fresh fried chicken while watching hot young girls try to buy beer illegally? Grab a wing and flash a wink at the beautiful gals who spill in and out of this place the way gasoline spills out of the state of the art nozzles attached to the hoses that are dispensing gas on the outside of the ultraconvenient store, combining groceries, gas, and fried chicken. There’s no such thing as “too good of a time” here, as you can fill up your shopping basket with bottles of wine from all over the world, also, cigars! Lots of them! And hot coffee! And energy drinks! Recharge your human battery, and your gas tank battery, at this one-of-a-kind prestine establishment making you ask yourself, “Is this paradise, or is this a gas station/convenient store? I think this is paradise!”

4. Marathon on Kennedy & Channelside Drive

Marathon on Kennedy

Do you want to have a sit down meal while you fill up? Is your stomach as hungry as your gas tank is for some quality content? Well this is the place for you! Not only can you fill up your tires with air, but you can order a seafood pasta on Fridays which is amazing! Also, their convenience store area carries Bolthouse Farms Fruit Smoothies which are a healthy snack you won’t find at many of it’s competitors! Also it stocks Honest Tea, which is one of the healthiest behind-the-counter green teas that is rarely seen outside of purveyors such as CVS and Walgreens. Also, the gas pumps feature 93 octane gas, which is a plus, definitely when it comes to filling up foreign sports cars, which can be seen quite a bit in this area! If you keep your eyes peeled you can see a lime-green Lamborghini that stops by here. Quite a sight to see indeed! Get your tank filled, your stomach filled, and your exotic car sighting quota filled up, all at the same time, at this absolutely stunning piece of modern architecture. Directly across the street from the Port of Tampa which features a giant 3D steel globe encased in glass.

5. Sunoco on Columbus & Nebraska Avenue

Sunoco on Nebraska and Columbus

Are you tired of getting gas by yourself? Do you want to hang out with dozens of vagrants smoking synthetic marijuana and drinking on the sidewalk? Are you looking to get a dozen jalapeño pickled eggs, but also various loose pills stapled in a cigarette filament? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this place is more than enough for you! Grab a portable karaoke machine, some new boots, a container to conceal things, a Pokemon glass pipe, 35 flavors of Faygo, and hit the road! Gas and synthetic grass, all sold under this bright beacon of hope placed smack-dab in the middle of Nebraska Ave. Tweakers and sleepers, junkies and dumpster divers, widdling away at the social construct one day at a time. A setting truly out of a Mad Max style alternate reality, where there is no law, and people fight at the bus stop, and have sex under the bridge. It’s got everything you’d ever want if you’re living the fast pace go-getter lifestyle where you don’t have time to separate business and pleasure, simple tasks such as getting gas are your only chance to see some excitement, so you might as well pack it in at the Sunoco Gas Station on Nebraska and Columbus, because you know if you’re going there, you’re going to be on the edge of your proverbial seat as you wait for the first person to unwelcomingly approach you and ask you something probably inappropriate for gas station stranger talk. Also they have great chocolate cakes and pork cracklins’. Literally it says pork cracklins’ on the bag. Fill up your tank, and expect a playful prank, at the ever-loving Sunoco on Nebraska and Columbus.

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