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Tampa Pastor Accused of Preaching in Drag for Sunday School

To protest the Stop Woke Act aka the “Don’t Say Gay” bill signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a local Tampa pastor has decided to deliver his sermons under his new drag queen persona.

“We’re a pretty unorthodox church,” said Pastor Peaches Wylde, “I was giving all my sermons in drag even before the whole DeSantis thing, but now everyone is mad at me.”

Pastor Wylde runs the megachurch Covenantway of the Slay Alliance Church where he delivers his sermon to a packed congregation every Sunday inside a reconverted Sweetbay Grocery Store.

“These children would probably be getting molested if this church was catholic,” Said Pastor Wylde. “I’ve been reading in drag to children for decades and never once had one complaint.”

Some of the parents in attendance weren’t even religious, opting instead to drop off their children at the church so they can watch him tell stories.

“He is a wonderful storyteller, and it gives me a break from my kids.” Said Meghan Rillard, a local mother who drops her children off at the Sunday School, even though she herself is not religious and does not attend church. “Personally, I hope my children don’t grow up to be bigoted and they learn to accept others for who they are.”

Rillard then excused herself so that she could do some sinning in the parking lot.

Lawmakers have sent Pastor Wylde several cease and desist letters, but the pastor admits he sees feuding with the governor as a very exciting thing.

“I am inviting Governor DeSantis to sit in and maybe read to the children with us,” said Pastor Wylde.  “And if he does join us, we hope he does it in drag because it is a lot of fun.”

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