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Tampa podcaster disappointed to not be on Epstein’s list

Forty court documents containing information on associates of late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – including former US presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton – have now been made public, and Tampa’s Mark Chiddly is disappointed to not find his name listed.

“Disappointed? I’m pissed,” he exclaimed. “With as much money I spent on that island and as many times I flew on that stupid plane of his with my rich, influential pals, to be excluded is a huge, unfair snub.”

“I mean, I didn’t do any creepy stuff… unless you think maybe I did, in which case you should check out my podcast and find out for sure,” he added. 

Chiddly’s wife Amy is stunned by his reaction to the news.

“I don’t know what Mark is talking about; he never goes anywhere,” she said. “And he certainly doesn’t hang out with millionaire pedophiles.

“She doesn’t know everything about me,” refuted Mark. “She should listen to my podcast with episodes dropping twice a week. So should anybody, err, I mean everybody. It’s awesome and I spent a lot of money on all this recording equipment.”

“Well, at least the second part of that last sentence is true,” replied Amy.