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The Top 5 Most Famous Restaurants in Tampa Bay

Top 5 Restaurants

5. Chic-fil-a

It’s hard to get a meal here sometimes because it’s so busy. They also don’t like gay people very much!

4. Taco Bell

Seemingly the only place to get food past 2am anymore, Taco Bell comes in at number four on our list. What kind of meat is in that burrito? Who knows!? It’s only $1.99 though.

3. Subway

You can find one of these attached to a nearby gas station! Subway is a great option for when you want to pretend you’re healthy, but actually eat garbage.

2. Starbucks

Is this even a restaurant? They have frozen breakfast sandwiches that they heat up in a toaster oven, so we’re going to say yes! Come here and wait half an hour for a cup of coffee, so you can shame the barista making $9 an hour for spelling your name wrong!

1. McDonald’s

I’m lovin’ it! Well, not really. I forgot to eat today and have to put something in my stomach before I aggressively drink to forget how awful my life is! There’s one of these every 12 blocks or so, so I should have diabetes in no time!

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