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Top 5 Ways to Get Kicked Out Of Buffalo Wild Wings

Five ways to get kicked out of Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings – Pasco County – Thursday, 5.16.2019

There are many ways to get kicked out of a restaurant, and Tampa News Force always pays for the meal and tips well when eating at one, but for this article we are counting down the best ways to get kicked out Buffalo Wild Wings (B-Dubs) as voted on by you! The Readers!

5. Bring Your Own Wings

Bring your own wings to Buffalo Wild Wings

Some might say it’s rude to bring your own wings to a wing place, but when the star item on your menu is boneless wings, it speaks to the quality of your meat. Now I’ve had bone wings at B-Dubs before that were great, and the ability to get two different flavors on such a small amount of wings for the price is astounding to me, but these B-Dub’ers didn’t like me walking back there and frying my own chicken. Right as I’m tossing my own homemade seasoned chicken drumsticks in their hot oil, some guy came up to me and held my face down to the oil until the police came and arrested me.

4. Use the Bathroom as a Shower

Person scrubbing toilet by hand

Have you not showered in days? Do you need a kitchen frying a farm’s worth of chicken to mask the scent of the disgusting things you need to clean off your body? We can’t guarantee you will get away with showering in a restaurants bathroom without some kind of felony charge, so good luck! Also remember that someone is going to have to clean whatever you do, so please don’t do what you think this says to any bathroom that is not your own.

3. Pretend You’re A Manager Conducting Interviews

Two women at restaurant booth discussing business

Have you been posting job opportunities and scheduling to meet candidates at the B-Dubs near you as part of an elaborate scheme to get free wings? We can’t guarantee your scheme will work, but we can guarantee that you will be ruining a lot of people’s day with this one.

2. Use as Craigslist Exchange Location

Little boy holds hundreds of dollars

Are you buying a Nintendo Wii and a box of games from someone on Craigslist? Exchange it at B-Dubs! Not only is the dining area wide open, but the key to a great trading relationship is shareable dishes that sync taste buds across ethnicity, age and gender. B-Dubs has the most shareable menu, so split some B-Dubbitizers with your new internet friend before they ask you to move your car from the loading area.

1. Pretend to be a Health Inspector

Doctor with clipboard checking some stuff off.

This one we are definitely sure is a felony. Don’t attempt this unless you accept the consequences of being an impostor trying to get free boneless wings. Sometimes the sauce isn’t worth it, but if you want to do the time, this crime is the one we recommend as the best way to get kicked out of B-Dubs.

Did we miss your favorite way? Let us know in the comments or on our homepage chat!

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