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University of South Florida announces merger with University Mall

University of South Florida – Tampa – Wednesday, 2.6.2019

University of South Florida (USF) announced new expansion plans which will add the floundering 100-acre University Mall to its campus.

“We saw this as the next logical step to create a complete learning and living experience for our students,” says USF Community Development President, Richardo Gimineez.

Between classes, students will now be able to ride their hoverboards to Publix and pick up a pub sub before giving a presentation, catch a dinner and a movie after the big exam, or shop at one of the many shoe stores and walk into class wearing the latest style.

With over 50,000 students currently enrolled, USF hopes it can keep the mall looking busy during slow hours by converting some of the storefronts into classrooms.

“We want students to know that an education at USF will fully prepare them for what comes next,” says USF Physical Therapy Professor, Martches Uldivich. “Sure, once I’m done with this interview I have to go next door and do inventory at the Foot Locker, but two years from now I’ll have both my masters and enough money to buy a pair of Yeezy’s.”

Beginning this Fall, students will have the cost of a hoverboard included in tuition to help them quickly navigate the campus changes. Currently enrolled students are encouraged to start watching training videos on how to safely use a hoverboard in preparation for the upcoming semester.

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