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Hillsborough County to get rid of “participation trophies”


Hillsborough county legislators decided, unanimously, to overturn a piece of legislation that has been under heavy fire in recent years. The nationwide law required public schools, extracurricular activities, and certain afterschool programs to provide “participation trophies” to children whenever awards were to be given out in most cases, particularly sports events and any competition “involving…

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St. Pete kava bar decides to not have an open mic

Kava Bar

Kava Krafters – a newly opened kava bar in downtown St. Petersburg — has baffled and perplexed locals by deciding it will NOT be having a weekly open mic.  For our readers who don’t know about kava: the bitter drink is made from the ground roots of Piper methysticum, a plant native to the South…

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Tampa Residents Complain of Satanic Landlords


Word quickly spread throughout the Tampa Bay area of “satanic landlords” after several tenants complained of strange encounters with their landlords via social media.  “His voice was deeper than usual — like a growl — and his eyes were jet black.”, wrote Theresa Stickfern in a Facebook post, explaining her shocking encounter with landlord Ernest…

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