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Baby Yoda endorses Tulsi Gabbard for President

Baby Yoda loves Tulsi

Popular Star Wars Netflix series character, “Baby Yoda” has publicly endorsed Tulisa Gabbard for President in a series of social media posts across all platforms.

In a Tik Tok video, Baby Yoda is seen using the force to raise a picture of Tulsi Gabbard while a caption reads, “2020 President” and a hip hop remix of the theme from the new Charlie’s Angels movie plays in the background.

“Nobody even cares about Baby Yoda anymore.” Said 18-year-old voter Meck Gremulon, of Hillsborough High School.

“I could give two sh*ts what that little green laser is voting for,” Said Meck as he took a drag from his dab rig.

“Baby Yoda was popular for like one week, the Mandalorian was great but everybody’s already seen the season and moved on, call me back when there’s a new season!” Gremulson said as he pushed my shoulder in a half-joking fashion.

The endorsement is expected to sway Star Wars fans who are on-the-fence politically, and need a fictional character to help them decide what their humanitarian beliefs are.

When Baby Yoda was asked why he chose Gabbard for President, he kind of smiled and turned his head a little bit and blinked. His ears also wiggled a little.

Jeku Crombunnö, the secret originator of Baby Yoda, was asked why he created Baby Yoda to have political views that skew in favor of Tulsi Gabbard, and Crombunnö responded, “He has a lot of similar beliefs as Tulsi. They’re both very justice-inclined  and hope-oriented, and honestly I don’t know anything about Tulsia Gabbard, I just liked her name, so when I created Baby Yoda I implanted the idea that he loved her politics and would vote for her if you could, now if you’d be so kind to move away from the front of the ice cream fruit stand, I’d like to order now.”

Baby Yoda is expected to be seen again in the upcoming season of The Mandalorian, however, after his success, rumors are that Crombunnö has been in talks to renegotiate Baby Yoda’s contract, and if terms can’t be arranged, Baby Yoda’s likeness may be added to a similar character in post production to accommodate for a lack of actual Baby Yoda.

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