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Hernando County Commissioner Won’t Unblock Me

Hernando County politician blocks critics on Facebook

American Gun & Pawn – Hernando County – Sunday, 7.28.19

Hello Hernando County Commissioner, Steve Champion. My name is Josh Santos, I’m a reporter for Tampa News Force.

As you very well know, you’ve blocked me. Many people are mad that you don’t care about silencing your critics, but I get it. I was kind of a jerk in the comments when I sent you those photos I hope you won’t share with anyone. I was drunk and I wanted to show you how sweet that gun I purchased from your pawn store looked next to my junk.

Commissioner Champion, as a public servant you must know that you have a duty to protect my First Amendment right to know what’s going on in your county. While I only have marginal ties to your county, which is a complete dump by the way, I wanted to ask you to please unblock me.

If you unblock me, I will apologize for saying that Hernando county is a rat infested, disgusting meth-fuled, beach town that Commissioner Champion supplies with guns and used lawnmowers.

I’m sure you will never find the time to read this because you are too busy giving cash to a person addicted to painkillers in exchange for some stuff they stole from a family members’ house.

Outside of the whole blocking critics, you seem like a nice guy. A real American, one I could definitely see doing nothing illegal outside of the stuff you don’t agree with. We should BBQ or something soon, hit me up!

Josh Santos

About Josh Santos

Writer and award-winning videographer and documentarian. Instagram: @HashtagSantos