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Two months ago to the day, June 3, we politely, humbly and respectfully demanded that you nominate us for a 2022 Best of the Bay Awards, presented by Creative Loafing. And you did it! Great job! I don’t know what we expected but THANKS!

As a result, we’re one of ten finalists in the category of “Best Experimental Act”. Now it’s time to finish the job and bring that sweet trophy or framed certificate or whatever it is home.

Now it’s time to VOTE!

Here’s the link (scroll down to the bottom to get to the juicy vote meat in these award nuggets):

And here’s the rules, straight from Creative Loafing:

  • One vote per person.
  • Best of the Bay celebrates what makes the Tampa Bay area unique with local nominees. (TNF Ed. note: Internationally renowned cello player, and the only person anyone knows is an internationally renowned cello player, Yo-Yo Ma is nominated for Best Classical Musician)
Yeah, I’m pretty sure I see this guy at the Publix on Nebraska, like, every week.
  • Each nominee in the top 10 was nominated by the public during an open nominations phase in June. Any nominee could be written in and, this year, only the top 10 nominees moved on to the voting phase; in cases where there are more than 10 nominees, a tie occurred.
  • If you are having trouble voting, you may need to clear your browser cache.
  • No ballot stuffing. If we suspect that you obtained your votes unfairly (via a third party or by voting for yourself repeatedly using fake accounts), you will be disqualified. (TNF Ed. note: Don’t fuck this up for us by doing something dumb and getting busted. We’re willing to do immoral things to get votes, nothing illegal though. If you do something illegal, we will disavow any association with you. Unless it involves a large amount of money, in which case, what up?)

All right. You know what to do, so like, go do it. And if you don’t know what to do, read this article again.