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This year’s Lightning Fan Fest to be revamped and scaled back


As uncertainty continues to be part of the COVID-19 landscape, the Tampa Bay Lightning have announced that this year’s Fan Fest will happen but will be drastically different than it has been in the past. “We’re as eager as anyone to get ‘back to normal’ but the surge in COVID cases, complicated by variants that…

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T-shirt ad makes Clearwater cat lady sad

Cat Lady

Claudia Caswell of Clearwater, a self-described, unapologetic “crazy cat lady” recently came across an ad on Facebook that left here severely depressed. “It was an ad for a t-shirt that says ‘Purrsonal Cat Servant’ and at first I laughed because that’s me”, she said. “But then it made me really, really sad.” Caswell said she…

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Area felines declare war on Christmas

Cat's declare war on christmas

“Ok, I give up! The Christmas tree stays down!” I shouted at my cats, who couldn’t be bothered to give a flying fuck. This is the 17th time they’ve knocked down the Christmas tree since I put it up Black Friday. I didn’t even put the ornaments on the fake spruce before this band of…

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