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Dunedin man severely beaten for not washing his hands

Dummies in Dunedin

Jim Philfer of Dunedin was attacked upon exiting a public restroom by a mob of angry people because he didn’t wash his hands. Philfer, a Rob Lowe-lookin’ motherfucker, says, “I was on a date, eating dinner at Casa Tina with this hot blonde whose name escapes me, and I excused myself to visit the men’s…

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Sexy Coronavirus Halloween costumes are hot new trend

Sexy Coronavirus Costume

Dozens of prolific social media accounts have already posted pictures of their sexy Coronavirus Halloween costumes sparking a new trend amongst teens and college students. Jennifer Buckets, a social media personality with over 3 million followers on Tik Tok was the first known internet celebrity to show off her costume on her Instagram page last…

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