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Tampa Based Cryptocurrency Ranked Most Stable in the World


A Tampa-based cryptocurrency is being hailed for its inventive new strategy that has crypto experts in disbelief. While most cryptocurrencies are backed by absolutely nothing, Tampa’s very own official cryptocurrency, Tampa Coin, has managed to tie its value algorithm with the probability of Tampa sports teams winning games. “When Tampa Coin was created, it was…

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Clearwater man never speaking to his grandpa again


Due to frustration he experiences while trying to communicate, Mike Dumbar of Clearwater has declared that he is never going to speak to his grandfather again. “I was trying to teach him about cryptocurrency and he just refuses to listen to me,” said Dumbar. “I told him that cryptocurrencies will eventually replace the dollar and…

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Crypto Sex Parlor Opens in Tampa

Crypto Sex Parlor

A new nightlife hotspot in Downtown Tampa is promising guests their wildest fantasies in exchange for cryptocurrency. “I bought DOGECOIN when it was worth less than a penny,” said 19-year-old Garret “SwiftTips” DeLuce while inspecting his fingernails. “Let’s just say I’m a millionaire now.” He then rubbed his Doritos Locos dust encrusted fingers on the…

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Local performers failing to cash in on Cryptocurrency trend

Rebekah and Rob

As Bitcoin and Dogecoin and various other virtual or digital currencies continue to re-write the world’s financial landscape, one form of cryptocurrency continues to lag behind: Exposurebucks. Rebekah Pulley and her partner Rob Pastore are two of the most popular and critically acclaimed musicians in the Tampa Bay Area, performing together as The Rebekah Pulley…

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