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Temple Terrace youth promotes demonstrably false theory about source of fudge production to younger sibling

Boys being boys

Cayden Kizzler, a 7-year-old in Temple Terrace is the unfortunate victim of a malicious misinformation campaign by his 14-year-old brother Chet. Temple Terrace public health authorities were quick to respond, issuing the following statement: “Around the corner, aka your butthole, is NOT, in fact, where fudge is made. DO NOT under any condition eat ANY…

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Tampa Man Only Gets His News From Satire Magazines

Tampa New Force fan and avid reader, Will Green, refuses to consume mainstream media. For the last 5 years, his news has exclusively come from TNF, but also sometimes The Onion.  “I just don’t buy into the lizard people’s narrative anymore. Satire is for the people.” Green explains he can no longer relate to mainstream…

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