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Butt dial breaks record for world’s longest phone call

Tetzo Parmula, a man who was hiking through the hills of Dunedin, broke the record for world’s longest phone call when he accidentally butt-dialed a phone-sex hotline before falling to his death off a cliff. “I could hear a little bit of movement, but it was obviously a butt-dial, we get those all the time.”…

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10 sex positions guaranteed to ruin your relationship

Sex Positions

WARNING: This article contains explicit language some may not find suitable for children, so if you’re reading the daily TNF articles to your children, now would be the time to skip this one, and let them watch TV for a few moments while you read this on your own. Sex is a very powerful intimate…

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Tampa Sex Workers to Require Proof of Vaccination for Services

Sex Worker

Citing the high number of new coronavirus cases, local sex workers in Tampa have begun asking clients for proof of vaccination before exchanging money for sex. “We have a strong union in this city,” said Tampa Sex Workers Union President, Miguelita Chochita. “Since the beginning of this pandemic, us sex workers have been taking every…

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