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Local comedic geniuses unable to reach consensus on 50 Cent joke


Three of Tampa Bay’s best up-and-coming humorists have reached an impasse over what is officially the best “50 Cent is fat” joke. Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, appeared at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show, performing his signature hit song “In da Club”. Mr. Jackson, or Mr. Cent,…

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Anti-hack device being test marketed at St. Pete open mic

Anti Hack

A new device designed by developers in St. Petersburg to prevent hacking, but not computer crime, is being tested at performance venues in St. Pete. “For too long, audiences and performers alike have been under siege by corny, would-be, self-styled ‘artists’, foisting off their tired, uninspired and often stolen material”, says Dennis Marsoop, an inventor…

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Local comic proud of his 15 minutes of super original new COVID material

Alas! After performing the same 10 minutes for the last 7 years, Tampa Bay open mic-er Walter Wingman finally found some new inspiration. While many have found Corona Virus to be an utter travesty, Wingman feels differently. “I’ve literally never felt so creative in my entire life,” he says.  Wingman chuckles as he explains that,…

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Top 10 Comedy Open Mics in Tampa

Top 10 Comedy Open Mics in Tampa Bay

For many years now, Tampa has been a hot bed of comedy open mics. While still not the most popular entertainment option, comedy open mics occur nearly every night of the week. This is our list of the top ones: 10. Brandy’s This now leveled lot in St. Pete, used to be an exuberant trailer…

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