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Tampa Scientist Discovers Potato

A Tampa Scientist is being hailed a hero after discovering a potato in a lab

Tampa Science Center – Hillsborough County – Tuesday, 6.4.19 Around 9pm last Friday night at the Tampa Science Center, local bioengineer technician Will Thrust discovered a potato.  “I found a potato,” said Thrust. “He did,” said his lab partner, fellow chemical radiographer, Jet Presley. “We were walking out back, when Will tripped over something.” “Yea,”…

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Spectrum “Fiber” Network Discovered To Be a Potato In a Kid’s Room

Spectrum Internet Network Discovered to be Potato in child's room

Spectrum Headquarters – Hillsborough County – Sunday 5.5.2019 After numerous complaints, federal investigators discovered that Spectrum’s self-described ‘Fiber-Rich’ internet network has actually been a series of wires connected to a potato in the room of a Carrollwood 6th grader. “I’m pretty sure I could create a more reliable internet service with a free Saturday, $7,…

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