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Florida Education Commissioner Revealed to be a Sentient Bag of Dicks

Bag O Dicks

During a recent press conference, Florida’s Education Commissioner had a wardrobe malfunction and accidentally revealed that the man we all knew as Richard Corcoran was secretly a literal bag of dicks that had gained sentience and became a politician. “Look, I know my real appearance might surprise people,” said the sentient bag of dicks. Reporters…

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Hillsborough County Schools to Enforce Mandatory STD Testing

HCPS Administrative Building – Hillsborough County – Tuesday, 4.30.2019 As part of a new initiative to combat STDs in schools, students in Hillsborough County will now be forced to prove that they are free of STDs before they can start their upcoming semester. “Even if they have minor STDs, we’ll still let them learn online…

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