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Andreychuk statue tired of being molested

Andreychuk statue

The statue of former Tampa Bay Lightning captain and NHL Hall of Famer Dave Andreychuk near the entrance to Amalie Arena has had enough of being touched inappropriately without consent. “Thousands of people pass by me every week and most of them are respectful and polite. They’ll stop and take pictures with me and I’m…

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Monument to Florida’s greatest public servants proposed for Tampa

Mount Douchemore

A new monument that will honor some of Florida’s most renowned elected officials has been planned for a mountain in Tampa. Renowned sculptor Stoney Facewall says he will carve larger-than-life facial images of Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, Matt Gaetz and Marco Rubio into the side of one of Tampa’s mountains, making the sculpture visible for…

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Tampa man chagrined after mocking statue of beloved local icon

Selmon Statue

Ted Chiddleston of Seminole Heights is feeling highly embarrassed and ashamed of himself after making snide remarks about a statue in downtown Tampa. He was traveling west on Brorein Street, heading toward Bayshore Boulevard when he stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Florida Avenue. As he was waiting for the light to…

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Brooksville to unveil new statue

The City of Brooksville, (currently) named after a violently bigoted 19th century senator from South Carolina, is planning to unveil a new statue outside the county courthouse. “We’re seeking to bring all the diverse populations of our community together, and what brings folks who live in a community that actually has diverse populations together like…

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