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Tampa announces plan to make traffic worse

Traffic in Tampa Is Planned to get worse

Downtown Tampa – Hillsborough County – Wednesday, 6.12.19 While pretending to listen to a packed room of angry citizens, Hillsborough County leaders announced their plans to make the highway worse for everyone. “We’ve been listening to the community complain about this monstrosity cutting through the middle of our city for many years now,” said Hillsborough…

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Ferris Wheel Considered for Future Method of Transportation

State Fair Grounds – Tampa – Monday, 2.25.2019 After the success of the once-again, flawless execution of the Florida State Fair, city officials are considering the Ferris wheel as a potential full-time form of alternative transportation. “The wheel goes round,” motions Kelvin in a circular pattern. “The bigger the wheel, the further it travels when…

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