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Tampa PD adopts new traffic checkpoint procedures

Over the weekend, Tampa Police Department tested out a new system for traffic checkpoints. Instead of looking for drunk drivers to arrest and keep roads safe, officers handed out hard seltzers. No need to be alarmed, though. When drivers were suspected of being drunk, they were given a breathalyzer to check their BACs. Officers had…

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White Claw to Sponsor University of Tampa Graduation Party

White Claw to Sponsor Graduation Party

The spiked seltzer water conglomerate, White Claw, is sponsoring a year-end bash at Blake’s house this weekend in celebration of his super-senior graduation from University of Tampa. “I spent many years patrolling the quad, checking out the hotties, and welcoming the newbs,” said Artie Basel, UT Spartan mascot and freshman favorite party connect. “I know…

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